KANEGAE is now welcoming a new member, SYOTATSU.

To commemorate this occasion, we will be holding a solo exhibition of SYOTATSU at KANEGAE.

We are pleased to be able to introduce his artwork, which radiates overwhelming energy and shows his awakened talent.


4/3 (Wed) - 17 (Wed) 10:00 - 17:00



〒603-8215 京都府京都市北区紫野下門前町43(大徳寺総門前)

43 Shimomonzencho, Murasakino, Kitaku, Kyoto, Japan




SYOTATSU started portrait drawing on the streets of Kyoto in 2001 and met many people face-to-face during the last 18 years. But, when he was thinking about moving to his hometown Wakayama in a mountainous area, he came across a piece of land. He then experienced a mysterious night. One day when he fell asleep, lords of the mountain appeared in his dream, and they played sumo wrestling and spent time playing in nature with each other. After he woke up, the scenery remained in his mind. Encouraged by his wife and friends, SYOTATSU's paintings have changed to the ones that were inspired by the dream.

He utilizes materials from his own daily life, such as clay, indigo, bengala, sumi ink, and charcoal. Not bound by the concept of Japanese or Western painting, he continues to weave the dream he saw that day using inspirations he receives every day in the mountain environment where he is situated. He sometimes buries his paintings in the ground and washes them with water. The works created in this way develop a natural form over time. He looks for a point where his own image and nature fuse abstractly together and merge most fascinatingly. Creativity that lies ahead on an extension of nature and our everyday life...It may be the most primitive expression that humans originally possessed.