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@古美術鐘ヶ江 〒603-8215 京都府京都市北区紫野下門前町43 (大徳寺総門前)


Kanegae gallery is pleased to announce that painter Yuichiro Sato has joined our gallery.

Yuichiro moved his production base to Finland in 2016. This is the first time since then that he has belonged to a gallery in Japan to exhibit his works.

To celebrate his triumphant return, we will hold a Yuichiro Sato Pop-Up Show from July 1st to July 31st.


Close: Sunday

@Oriental antiques Kanegae : 43, Shimomonzentyo, Murasakino, Kitaku, Kyoto, Japan

※Adding to the above,we will be taking a break. Please ask when you come to our gallery.




Yuichiro was fascinated by a white birch tree he encountered on a lakeside in Finland, and since then he has been painting "white birch trees and a lake" and is now highly recognized both domestically and internationally. If you were to view his work for the first time, you would not imagine that the serene landscape in front of your eyes was created with a pencil that we are all so familiar with. Yuichiro's world of black and white has been praised as a "dry-style suibokuga (Japanese ink painting)". His style can be described as the farthest place that he arrived at in the far north after repeating Zen questions and answers like a monk.

"It is the painter's destiny to think and struggle with what to paint and how to paint it. But the forests and trees I encountered after all my struggles have not yet bored me".

Yuichiro Sato

In his black-and-white forest paintings, his focus is on every detail from one end to the other. When viewers stand in front of the paintings, they will imagine a variety of things, and may sometimes confront their inner selves. We hope you will enjoy Yuichiro's distinctive view of the world, which is very precise and yet seems to allow for everything.