彦十蒔絵 若宮 隆志
(Hikojyu Makie by Takashi Wakamiya)




HIKOJU MAKIE: (Name of our team and also brand)

We are a professional lacquering craftsmen team in Wajima Japan. Use the thousand year of lacquer technology of Japan, and produce the natural lacquer artworks with 100% handmade. Our master carpenter Takashi Wakamiya is the 2014 Culture Envoy of Japan.

Materials what we use: Natural Wood / Natural Lacquer/ Gold/ Palladium/ Silver/ Diatomaceous earth

MAKIE: Decoration technique

Do decoration after lacquering with Makie techniques. Makie has many types technique. We use the powder or chips of Platinum, Silver, gold and shell, also use color natural lacquer to make the pictures.

MASTER: Takashi Wakamiya

As a lacquer master, Takashi Wakamiya produces artistic lacquer work while also serving as director for the Hikoju Makie studio. This group of craftsmen designs innovative art objects based on the inheritance of traditional designs and motifs. Wakamiya also tirelessly promotes lacquerware throughout Asia and the world market.

Inquiries about works


Please feel free to contact us with questions about orders or works.