本郷 真也
(Shinya Hongo)


I perceive the property of iron to continue rusting, as analogous with the providence of life. This characteristic to constantly evolve in the flow of time is precious and brilliant, and I believe it is in itself the beauty of life. The iron resonates with this idea. While wielding a hammer and in earnest conversation with the material, I am always conscious of expressing the essence of life in the process of shaping the iron. 

東京芸術大学大学院 美術研究科鍛金専攻修了。
第55回現代工芸美術展 現代工芸賞など多数受賞。

Born in Chiba Prefecture.
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Metalwork.
Currently working as an metalcraft artist at his studio in Noda, Chiba.
55th Japan Contemporary Arts & Crafts Exhibition, Contemporary Arts & Crafts Award.

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